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  1. post trip syndrome This topic was created by tec
    [1998 Thu 9 April, 13:51 Tasmanian Standard Time]

    I was wondering if anyone out there who has travelled around
    and then came back home only to realize away was better? I
    am having after trip depression.Is this common? I just can't
    be satisfied with my old life , you know? It 's hard when
    you have been away and seen all the beautiful things and
    then come back and try and pretend that all the things that
    were beautiful to you before are beautiful still. That
    probably made no sense but if you have been where I have
    been and then left the place that you consider ultimat
    beauty and peace- aw shit it is really hard.
    Talk to me please.
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  2. Is there life after backpacking? This topic was created by Lou
    [1998 Mon 31 August, 11:37 Tasmanian Standard Time]

    I had the best time of my life backpacking through Nepal,
    India and Sri Lanka. But it was to India I returned 4 times
    since. Later back in Holland I ended up buying a house
    (what the hell did I do that for?) and have what one calls
    a "permanent" job. And now I am at home feeling so
    miserable, and I just have this overwhelming desire to
    leave everything and go again. Only this time, I can't
    afford it (yet). I keep wondering what it is, after
    backpacking, that makes one want to go and hit the road
    again? Not just the thought, but the conviction that it
    has to be that way? Not many people around me understand
    that (hidden) desire. And I myself have not yet figured
    out what is is. One of the most important things I noticed
    was that making new friends whilst travelling seemed to be
    so much easier than it is at home. Maybe travellers are
    just more open to the new and different. Just knowing that
    you probably will never meet most people again, makes it
    easier to be completely honest and open to them, it takes
    away the fear that things will slap back in our face. Why
    is it, that one never seems to be able to find at home what
    one finds travelling? Besides the beautifull sites and
    culture shocks, sunsets, beaches and mountains that are
    nothing like one has ever seen before? Has anyone ever
    found something "at home" that equals the travelling
    experience? Does this one big trip mean we are forever
    doomed to travel on? Or does some of you finally settle
    down, and how does that make you feel? I would love to
    know what fellow-travellers think about it.. Give me a
    hint, please.. Is there life after backpacking??
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  3. Americans don't travel This topic was created by jd
    [Mon 20 July, 14:52 Canberra Standard Time]
    During my years on the road I have often wondered why so few
    Americans, in relation to the country's size and wealth,
    travel independently in the Third World.
    This is not to slag them -- it's an exciting country to
    visit and I have lots of American friends.
    But I am sure that I meet as many Canadians -- from the same
    part of the world, with one-tenth the population and a much
    weaker dollar -- on the road as I do Americans. And it
    doesn't seem to matter if it's Africa, South America or
    Asia -- the ratio stays the same.
    There is no question that Americans, like Iranians, are an
    ethnocentric people. On top of that, from birth it is
    drummed into them that they live in the best country in the
    world and all other places pale in comparison. Is this why
    Americans don't travel?
    What do you think?
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  4. post-asia blues This topic was created by pologirl
    [Wed 18 Nov, 1:23 Tasmanian Standard Time]
    Have just returned from a 3 month holiday in asia; am now
    back to work and feeling extremely Blah! Cohorts and peers
    at my job don't understand and think I'm crazy; am already
    planning and researching our next one to the middle east
    for next year. Every time I come home from travelling I
    feel different like I don't belong and have nothing in
    common with others. They listen to a few travel tales and
    have a perfunctory glance at our photos and then they have
    had enough. (too bad the whole world does not revolve
    around travelling!). Anyone else feel as I do? Interested
    in hearing how others cope after returning from a journey.
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