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"Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going." - Paul Theroux

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I'm member of Travellers Guild Denmark (De Berejstes Klub) Its purpose is to stimulate the desire for travel among the members and to spread information on travel life and foreign countries and cultures in general.

Café Globen is the first and only cafe in Denmark exclusively owned and run by travellers. All of the more than 50 "shareholders" are prominent members of Travellers Guild (De berejsts klub) and as so, the cafe is supposed to be a meeting point for travellers, Danish as well as foreigners. (Cafe Globen afholder Rejseforedrag hver torsdag kl. 20)

Article (in PDF 1.5Mbytes) from the Danish magazine Webworld ( May 1998) about my round the world trip and how I used the net during the trip. remember back then, most travellers was using snail mail, only very few had an email addresses, Hotmail didn’t even exist when I started my trip.

From 1995 to 2000 I was running a site, Technotravel for people who wanted to access the net while travelling. But these days, is just so easy, that the website no longer have a purpose. read some opinions about Technotravel.

I’m the proponent of two travel newsgroups: dk.fritid.rejse (browse the group via newsreader or google) and (browse the group via newsreader or google)

Til Antarktis med MS Fram from Anders Andersen on Vimeo.

Pictures from A funeral in Sulawesi - Indonesia which I was invited to, while I was backpacking there

backpacker novels - Books about backpackers and the Backpacking scene

Selected Sunsets and Beaches from my trip to Costa Rica

Pictures (text in danish) from Kurashiki Tivoli Park the Japanese copy of the famous Danish amusement park Tivoli

Backup of some old discussions from Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree

On a Glassier in New Zealand

Rift Wally - Kenya

Small town Arizona - USA

a beach in Thailand

Caodai temple in southern Vietnam

Buddha - Angkor Wat - Cambodia

a Bus station in Guatemala