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Did you ever Telnet from the .li domain? You might, with a little help from TechnoTravel. Here you'll find instructions for overseas power systems and telephones, to help you get your daily dose of data while far from the telcos of home. Links are included to global access providers, indexes of places to jack in, hardware companies, and more. Consult the FAQ before you plug into that jack!

Technotravel teaches you how to log on to the Net while traveling with (or even without) a computer. Consult this site before you travel for a seemingly endless supply of tips and links. Locate domestic and international cybercafes, free email-forwarding services, and global Internet service providers. Decipher the voltage system in foreign lands, and read up on wireless and satellite companies. Or troubleshoot common technical glitches before they come up.

  ibm TechnoTravel - You can lookup global access providers, cybercafe locations, specialty hardware manufacturers, wireless technology and more. Has a world electric power guide and a world telephone plug guide, and detailed instructions on connecting your modem to hotel phones.

Around the World In 80 Clicks: My Hotmail [] account lets me check e-mail from anywhere in the world, provided I can find a place to log on. The Internet Cafe Guide [] lists more than 2,150 cybercafes in 113 countries. We were pleased to learn that there are 74 in France, four in Israel, 29 in Thailand, 39 in the Philippines, 11 in Hong Kong, and 22 in China. (There's actually a Kinko's in Beijing!) Technotravel: How to Access the Internet While Traveling [] is a handy guide.

High-tech Travel The idea that you "shouldn't leave home without it" doesn't apply to just your credit card anymore. TechnoTravel is your source for info on how to stay Net-connected when you're on the road. Appealing for upscale technomads or backpackers alike.

Techno Travel is a resource list for travelers who want to use the Internet while on the road. The site includes general advice about the logistics of mobile connectivity, as well as links to major international Internet service providers and Cyber Cafes, universities, hotels and libraries that offer access to the Internet. Other relevant links are also provided.

Road Warrior News TECHNOTRAVEL- An excellent collection of links for the "Technomad" who travels with technology. Provides links to information about connecting to the Internet while overseas, "Cyber Cafes," connectivity problems and solutions, where to buy connectivity products (such as our foreign country telephone adapters at Overall an outstanding resource.