Internet Access without carrying a Computer

Technotravel is no longer being updated !

I started Technotravel back in 1995, to help me and others who needed to access the internet While travelling. But these days, is just too easy, that the website no longer serve a purpose. [ Feb. 2002 ]

If you do not want the trouble carrying you own computer, you can use Cyber Cafes or those hotels, libraries, universities etc. which have access to the Internet. No worry about getting your Computer stolen, Forget everything about plugs, Customs an so on. You just need a POP account (most supplier use POP-mailserver), or use a Web-based e-mail account like HotMail (free) The easiest way to receive your E-mail(pop accounts), is to take with you a Disc with Eudora Lite for PC ( most cyber cafes use PC ) Run Eudora directly from the floppy drive, then all you mail will be saved on the disc If the cybercafe does not use PC , or does not alloud use of the floppy drive - then you will have to telnet your pop account.

Where to find CyberCafes

Free e-mail accounts

Check your Existing POP3 Email Account

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